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Professional Poise


Professional Poise was put together for my first day back to Uni, representing my new work ethic for this year and for the future, which is about being professional in my work and personality with a sense of pride, confidence and poise.

Simple, smart and sophisticated. My usual combination, which makes up my everyday look whether it’s formal or casual wear. I’ve always loved clean lines and the harshly dramatic effect of black in an outfit. The Zara blazer incorporates these qualities perfectly; with a fitted, streamline silhouette and beautifully shaped lapels and my statement colour, black on the outer fabric and lining. Corresponding with the snug fit of the blazer, I wore black ultra skinny jeans to match. The purple shirt with the double collar and black trimming detail really stands out against the dark frame of the blazer and jeans, which helped to brighten the outfit, as I wanted an eye-catching look for the New Year.






Monochrome, otherwise known as shades of a colour, perfectly describes this outfit, incorporating two predominant colours, black and grey. Black may seen depressing and insecure on its own, but together with the fresh, yet sinister tones of grey, Black does not hide or conceal, but instead magnifies and outlines the attractive features. I especially chose a grey background to reinforce the monochrome colour scheme and the simplicity of the horizontal lines create an endless dimension to the photo.

Like most of my outfits, my combinations are simple, yet intriguing, eye-catching, yet understated. I wish not be big headed about my appearance, but I take pride in my clothes and how I fashion myself as a person. This outfit highlights my attention to detail in the way i dress and demonstrates my ability to combine my clothes to create a fresh look.

The leather jacket I bought in a charity shop and since I purchased it, this was the first time it was exhibited. The fit is loose yet it hangs well over the shirt, creating volume and dimension to the outfit. the fact that it is a short sleeved leather jacket makes it unique as I have not seen any around the shops lately, despite leather and leatherette being a huge trend this season. I thought that it would be interesting to wear a short sleeved jacket over a long sleeved shirt to make different levels in the outfit, but as both the shirt and jacket are black, they sit well together and complement each other.

I have worn the trousers in my previous looks, because I find grey an easy colour to combine with other pieces and the smart, yet comfortable, baggy style and cut of the trousers enable them to pair nicely with a suit jacket or leather. Being the only grey item in the outfit, the trousers helped me to determine the name for the look- Monochrome.

The accessories were different in this look, as this was the first time i exhibited my obsession for eyewear! I have a large collection of sunglasses from simple aviators or wayfarers to Lady Gaga/Versace style futuristic goggles.  The Ray ban catch line says, “Never Hide”, as sunglasses are always seen to conceal the identities of celebrities. However, in my case I choose to wear sunglasses not as a security blanket, but as a frame for my face and as a complementary addition to the outfit. I specifically choose the right sunglasses to go with the outfit, and visa versa. I chose my simple black wayfarer style eyewear from River Island, to create a mysterious appeal and, (together with the leather jacket) a ‘biker boy’ side to the look. As it was a crisp, sunny winters day, they also protected my eyes from glare.



The name, ‘Dapper’ came from how someone would describe a smart, sophisticated looking man, usually dressed in a formal wear. I chose to describe this look using this old-fashioned term; because it addresses the formality of the outfit in conjunction to the purpose I wore it for, which was a working day at University. I have been questioned to why I dress this formally for University, and the answer is that I feel that it is obligatory for me personally to present myself as I would when working in the fashion industry, reflecting the creativity and quality of my work in the way I dress.

The blazer was purchased in a vintage store as part of a two-piece suit, however the trousers are yet to be adjusted to my size, so I pair the blazer with suitable trousers, which complement the blazer, like the grey twill River Island trousers. I am usually a 36” or 38” chest in suits, however I mainly hope to achieve a good drape and hang on my slim frame, rather than an ultra fitted look. I think I prefer to see a suit that sits and hangs well, because it allows the sharp flowing lines of the suit to drape effortlessly on the body, thus not masking the frame underneath, but instead accentuating the proportions and beneficial features.

To match with the grey blazer, the grey twill material River Island trousers balance the loose shape on top. The twill material close up has little black and white pigments in the weave and add texture and a hint of variation in shade to the initial flat, monochrome appearance of the outfit. There are pleats in the front panel of the trousers and cuffs slightly at the leg creating volume in the middle in a harem style silhouette.

As the blazer and trousers are loose fitting, the Devred fitted shirt creates a difference in shape to the outfit and produces a neat foundation for the outfit to work from. There is a hidden button placket fastening the front of the shirt and there are cufflinks to fasten the sleeves. These details make the shirt suitable for a work shirt or even a formal accession. The high collar frames the top of the outfit and complements the wide lapels of the blazer.

Lastly, for my designer touch, the Gucci tie acts as the centrepiece of the outfit and creates a perfect line of symmetry, with its attractive emblem pattern and shimmery silky appearance. It sits perfectly on the shirt, and connecting effortlessly with the blazer.

C’est Chique


As winter is fast approaching, fashion must meet function. The coat meets both requirements perfectly with a sheepskin lining for warmth, and a stylish suede leather exterior and high collar. Together with the other Brown coloured garments in the outfit, the coat offers a late autumn to winter ambience, with a casual cosy feel, yet its simple lines and quality finishing screams sophistication and elegance which is totally me 🙂 Barneys is definitely a brand to go for when selecting practical, yet stylish winter leather jackets.

The shirt offers a dash of colour and pattern to the outfit. A Burberry style, but with a casual loose fit quirky twist, it definitely lightens the colour scheme from a cascade of brown and blacks.

Velvet or any pile fabric adds great texture to an outfit, especially in winter where thick fabrics contrast nicely. Both serving a practical purpose keeping my legs toasty, stylistically they complement the harsh textures in the jacket. I have recently become accustomed to mixing the taboo of brown and black because I think they blend well as dark neutral colours, reflecting the winter atmosphere.

Booting it up for winter, I definitely think, in reference to comments on my Lookbook bog, cowboy boots should become a big trend for men next year. Back when electronic pop party animal Kesha come into the fashion world in 2009, she made cowgirl boots a craze for women. So hopefully, despite my lesser claims to fame, I think I can persuade one or two guys out there to rock the cowboy look!

Violet Haze and a Silver Lining


Those early morning starts, a new day, a new start, a fresh look. This outfit presents my usual smart, sophisticated style with a selection of monochrome colours and a dash of violet to brighten the mood.

The coat is around four years old, when double breasted fronts and big collars where around, but had not become entirely popular yet. However, when I make my clothing selections, I don’t always base myself around all the new trends, I simply find what I like and hopefully when I put items together, they merge into fashionable look. Currently, this style of coat has come around again, with more exaggerated collars and 3/4 length double-breasted fronts from big timeless brands like Burberry to popular high street retailers such as Zara. I feel my coat incorporates an up to date edge in its form, but maintains an individual and classic feel with its simple lines and dark grey colour, tying in with the monochrome theme.

Ralph Lauren products are renowned for attention to detail and supreme quality. The shirt encompasses these features in its simple, yet elegant style, made of quality cotton, with a loose fit structure, violet colour, and a green Ralph Lauren embroidered logo.

The jeans are definitely a key piece of my all year round wardrobe. The tight fit displays my slim silhouette and creates a contrast to the looser fitting garments on the top half. The faded grey colour matches with the monochrome theme, connecting with the grey coat and complementing the shirt. I tend to invest in H&M jeans because the range of fit and style are immense, especially for the price, averaging no more than £30. However don’t compromise on quality for price, as I feel H&M offer both in harmony, with reasonable prices for fashionable and practical garments which will take you through the seasons.

Like in my previous looks, I like to add my designer accessories to portray the sophisticated edge. The Armani belt is matched with everything I wear from jeans to suits. Its overall glamorous appeal in the shiny buckle and smooth brown leather is not overly ostentatious, and it sits in with the outfit in an understated manner.

The shoes were a new purchase from T.Ks for a Bargain of £30, however the quality and fit of the shoes is correspondent to the Gibson London name. Again, like with the other garments in the outfit, simple elegance and understatement was key to a successful outcome. I thought that the simple lace-up, slightly pointed style brogue would tie in perfectly with the sophisticated edge, and I highlighted the importance of footwear in any outfit by styling my jeans with turn-ups.

Black Tango

Black Tango was a look that really portrayed my full character, from the confident orange colour jumper, to the demure black jacket and trousers. There is a hint of trash glamour in the leopard print boots, and the Westwood bag for edgy sophistication.

I made the jacket about three years ago as my introduction to tailoring. From then on I was hooked and my epic romance with creating fashion continues. The cut is simple but sharp, with a loose natural hang hinting at references to Vivienne Westwood’s Man collections. This was my first debut of the jacket and I think I will wear it more often, due to this outfit working well for me.

The Versace shirt was another statement piece, but modest in the way it was worn, mainly hidden by the jumper, except for the collar. It is an original vintage piece that has a classic feel and the colour goes with everything.

The Trousers were a treasure from TKs and help smarten the look, as i was dressing for another design day at Uni. The fabric has a glossy sheen and the fit is fairly loose but hugs nicely around the waist area and legs.

The Jumper was last minute decision that eventually became the piece behind the name if the look. However for a bargain of £10, there’s nothing to loose. The vivid colour really makes the outfit theatrical along with the clash of the striped blue and black lining of the jacket.

Can’t go without my bag, which ultimately has all I need for Uni, so there would be no point going without it. Vivienne Westwood makes the most beautiful and quirky accessories, and the bag was definitely a statement piece, which I will wear with everything.

And last but not least, not forgetting the glam trash leopard boots. With a two inch Cubin heel, definitely an eye raising accessory for any guy, but I’m gay so whatever 😛 Struttin ma stuff biatches!