Monochrome, otherwise known as shades of a colour, perfectly describes this outfit, incorporating two predominant colours, black and grey. Black may seen depressing and insecure on its own, but together with the fresh, yet sinister tones of grey, Black does not hide or conceal, but instead magnifies and outlines the attractive features. I especially chose a grey background to reinforce the monochrome colour scheme and the simplicity of the horizontal lines create an endless dimension to the photo.

Like most of my outfits, my combinations are simple, yet intriguing, eye-catching, yet understated. I wish not be big headed about my appearance, but I take pride in my clothes and how I fashion myself as a person. This outfit highlights my attention to detail in the way i dress and demonstrates my ability to combine my clothes to create a fresh look.

The leather jacket I bought in a charity shop and since I purchased it, this was the first time it was exhibited. The fit is loose yet it hangs well over the shirt, creating volume and dimension to the outfit. the fact that it is a short sleeved leather jacket makes it unique as I have not seen any around the shops lately, despite leather and leatherette being a huge trend this season. I thought that it would be interesting to wear a short sleeved jacket over a long sleeved shirt to make different levels in the outfit, but as both the shirt and jacket are black, they sit well together and complement each other.

I have worn the trousers in my previous looks, because I find grey an easy colour to combine with other pieces and the smart, yet comfortable, baggy style and cut of the trousers enable them to pair nicely with a suit jacket or leather. Being the only grey item in the outfit, the trousers helped me to determine the name for the look- Monochrome.

The accessories were different in this look, as this was the first time i exhibited my obsession for eyewear! I have a large collection of sunglasses from simple aviators or wayfarers to Lady Gaga/Versace style futuristic goggles.  The Ray ban catch line says, “Never Hide”, as sunglasses are always seen to conceal the identities of celebrities. However, in my case I choose to wear sunglasses not as a security blanket, but as a frame for my face and as a complementary addition to the outfit. I specifically choose the right sunglasses to go with the outfit, and visa versa. I chose my simple black wayfarer style eyewear from River Island, to create a mysterious appeal and, (together with the leather jacket) a ‘biker boy’ side to the look. As it was a crisp, sunny winters day, they also protected my eyes from glare.



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