The name, ‘Dapper’ came from how someone would describe a smart, sophisticated looking man, usually dressed in a formal wear. I chose to describe this look using this old-fashioned term; because it addresses the formality of the outfit in conjunction to the purpose I wore it for, which was a working day at University. I have been questioned to why I dress this formally for University, and the answer is that I feel that it is obligatory for me personally to present myself as I would when working in the fashion industry, reflecting the creativity and quality of my work in the way I dress.

The blazer was purchased in a vintage store as part of a two-piece suit, however the trousers are yet to be adjusted to my size, so I pair the blazer with suitable trousers, which complement the blazer, like the grey twill River Island trousers. I am usually a 36” or 38” chest in suits, however I mainly hope to achieve a good drape and hang on my slim frame, rather than an ultra fitted look. I think I prefer to see a suit that sits and hangs well, because it allows the sharp flowing lines of the suit to drape effortlessly on the body, thus not masking the frame underneath, but instead accentuating the proportions and beneficial features.

To match with the grey blazer, the grey twill material River Island trousers balance the loose shape on top. The twill material close up has little black and white pigments in the weave and add texture and a hint of variation in shade to the initial flat, monochrome appearance of the outfit. There are pleats in the front panel of the trousers and cuffs slightly at the leg creating volume in the middle in a harem style silhouette.

As the blazer and trousers are loose fitting, the Devred fitted shirt creates a difference in shape to the outfit and produces a neat foundation for the outfit to work from. There is a hidden button placket fastening the front of the shirt and there are cufflinks to fasten the sleeves. These details make the shirt suitable for a work shirt or even a formal accession. The high collar frames the top of the outfit and complements the wide lapels of the blazer.

Lastly, for my designer touch, the Gucci tie acts as the centrepiece of the outfit and creates a perfect line of symmetry, with its attractive emblem pattern and shimmery silky appearance. It sits perfectly on the shirt, and connecting effortlessly with the blazer.


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