C’est Chique


As winter is fast approaching, fashion must meet function. The coat meets both requirements perfectly with a sheepskin lining for warmth, and a stylish suede leather exterior and high collar. Together with the other Brown coloured garments in the outfit, the coat offers a late autumn to winter ambience, with a casual cosy feel, yet its simple lines and quality finishing screams sophistication and elegance which is totally me 🙂 Barneys is definitely a brand to go for when selecting practical, yet stylish winter leather jackets.

The shirt offers a dash of colour and pattern to the outfit. A Burberry style, but with a casual loose fit quirky twist, it definitely lightens the colour scheme from a cascade of brown and blacks.

Velvet or any pile fabric adds great texture to an outfit, especially in winter where thick fabrics contrast nicely. Both serving a practical purpose keeping my legs toasty, stylistically they complement the harsh textures in the jacket. I have recently become accustomed to mixing the taboo of brown and black because I think they blend well as dark neutral colours, reflecting the winter atmosphere.

Booting it up for winter, I definitely think, in reference to comments on my Lookbook bog, cowboy boots should become a big trend for men next year. Back when electronic pop party animal Kesha come into the fashion world in 2009, she made cowgirl boots a craze for women. So hopefully, despite my lesser claims to fame, I think I can persuade one or two guys out there to rock the cowboy look!


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