Violet Haze and a Silver Lining


Those early morning starts, a new day, a new start, a fresh look. This outfit presents my usual smart, sophisticated style with a selection of monochrome colours and a dash of violet to brighten the mood.

The coat is around four years old, when double breasted fronts and big collars where around, but had not become entirely popular yet. However, when I make my clothing selections, I don’t always base myself around all the new trends, I simply find what I like and hopefully when I put items together, they merge into fashionable look. Currently, this style of coat has come around again, with more exaggerated collars and 3/4 length double-breasted fronts from big timeless brands like Burberry to popular high street retailers such as Zara. I feel my coat incorporates an up to date edge in its form, but maintains an individual and classic feel with its simple lines and dark grey colour, tying in with the monochrome theme.

Ralph Lauren products are renowned for attention to detail and supreme quality. The shirt encompasses these features in its simple, yet elegant style, made of quality cotton, with a loose fit structure, violet colour, and a green Ralph Lauren embroidered logo.

The jeans are definitely a key piece of my all year round wardrobe. The tight fit displays my slim silhouette and creates a contrast to the looser fitting garments on the top half. The faded grey colour matches with the monochrome theme, connecting with the grey coat and complementing the shirt. I tend to invest in H&M jeans because the range of fit and style are immense, especially for the price, averaging no more than £30. However don’t compromise on quality for price, as I feel H&M offer both in harmony, with reasonable prices for fashionable and practical garments which will take you through the seasons.

Like in my previous looks, I like to add my designer accessories to portray the sophisticated edge. The Armani belt is matched with everything I wear from jeans to suits. Its overall glamorous appeal in the shiny buckle and smooth brown leather is not overly ostentatious, and it sits in with the outfit in an understated manner.

The shoes were a new purchase from T.Ks for a Bargain of £30, however the quality and fit of the shoes is correspondent to the Gibson London name. Again, like with the other garments in the outfit, simple elegance and understatement was key to a successful outcome. I thought that the simple lace-up, slightly pointed style brogue would tie in perfectly with the sophisticated edge, and I highlighted the importance of footwear in any outfit by styling my jeans with turn-ups.


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