Black Tango

Black Tango was a look that really portrayed my full character, from the confident orange colour jumper, to the demure black jacket and trousers. There is a hint of trash glamour in the leopard print boots, and the Westwood bag for edgy sophistication.

I made the jacket about three years ago as my introduction to tailoring. From then on I was hooked and my epic romance with creating fashion continues. The cut is simple but sharp, with a loose natural hang hinting at references to Vivienne Westwood’s Man collections. This was my first debut of the jacket and I think I will wear it more often, due to this outfit working well for me.

The Versace shirt was another statement piece, but modest in the way it was worn, mainly hidden by the jumper, except for the collar. It is an original vintage piece that has a classic feel and the colour goes with everything.

The Trousers were a treasure from TKs and help smarten the look, as i was dressing for another design day at Uni. The fabric has a glossy sheen and the fit is fairly loose but hugs nicely around the waist area and legs.

The Jumper was last minute decision that eventually became the piece behind the name if the look. However for a bargain of £10, there’s nothing to loose. The vivid colour really makes the outfit theatrical along with the clash of the striped blue and black lining of the jacket.

Can’t go without my bag, which ultimately has all I need for Uni, so there would be no point going without it. Vivienne Westwood makes the most beautiful and quirky accessories, and the bag was definitely a statement piece, which I will wear with everything.

And last but not least, not forgetting the glam trash leopard boots. With a two inch Cubin heel, definitely an eye raising accessory for any guy, but I’m gay so whatever 😛 Struttin ma stuff biatches!


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